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Benefits of Hot-Swappable Batteries

Nothing is more irritating than when you’re trying to get work done and you notice the battery on your device is almost out of fuelA dead device can send your productivity into a tailspin that could take hours to recover from. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can keep your device running even if you have to make a pitstop. Hot-swappable batteries. 

What are They 

Rugged tablets are tools built to help workers stay productive. This can only be accomplished if they have enough charge to get them through the day. While tablets are often constructed with high capacity batteries that are designed to last longer than many, they still suffer the same drain that will render your device useless once on empty. That’s where hot-swappable batteries come in. 

Hot-swappable batteries can be taken out and replaced without plugging in or powering down the device. The design of each individual device dictates how it works. Some tablets have two batteries that can be changed out one at a time, while others have a single batter but hold a charge within the device long enough to swap out batteries without powering down. 

Their Advantages 

There are many advantages to having a device that possesses hot-swappable batteries. The first is that the device has no down time. It can be used for as long as needed, given that there are enough charged batteries on hand.  

While one battery is in use, others can be charging at a power station. This allows for a constant flow of charged batteries to be supplied as needed with just a quick stop to swap them out.

While having a constant, mobile power supply is useful, and eliminating down time can maximize your productivity, there is another advantage to hot-swappable batteries. It’s no secret that the price of a rugged tablet can be steep, but with hot-swappable batteries, the price of utilizing the tool can be greatly reduced. Instead of having to purchase multiple tablets in the event that one of them dies, you can just purchase more batteries and have those as backups. 

There are many advantages to having a device that utilizes hot-swappable batteries. From keeping the device on track and operational to reducing the overall cost, hot-swappable batteries are an investment worth making.

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