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MobileDemand's Free Barcode Generator

Are you in need of a barcode? It can be difficult to know where to look, but fortunately, we make it easy. Let’s look at how you can get a barcode. 


Barcodes – Random or Registered 


Barcodes are useful in countless applications, covering everything from inventory management to various medical information. The most common use is in retail and supply chains. These barcodes are put in place to help inventory tracking and management. 


It’s important to be sure that you have the right barcode for what you intend to use it for. If you have a product and intend to sell it in stores across the nation, or even across the globe, then you’ll need more than just a random barcode. While a random barcode will work for internal use, it can’t be used for anything beyond that. In order to use a barcode beyond just your internal business, it has to be registered. 




That’s not to say you have to go to great expense to get a barcode. In the case of selling a product, the first step is to register your product with GS1. This is a globally accepted standard that enables barcodes to be designated to individual products. This number is most commonly known as a UPC. This keeps barcodes from getting crossed and making the them impossible to use. While GS1 keeps things organized by assigning every product from every company a unique number, it only registers barcodes, not create them. That’s where we come in.  


Free Barcode Generator 


There are many barcode generators out there, but frequently they require a fee either through subscription or on a per barcode basis. At MobileDemand, we offer a free barcode generator so that you can keep your business productive and efficient. Simply put in your unique barcode number and fill out the boxes, and in no time you’ll have your barcode generated. 




UPCs are not the only types of barcodes. EAN-8 is another barcode type used for smaller packages due to shorter number and smaller size. There is also 2D barcodes, such as a QR which can convey more data than a standard 1D barcode.  


MobileDemand’s barcode generator is capable of making EAN-13/UPC-A, EAN-8, QR, ITF, Code 39, and Code 128 barcodes. We also have the option to make either barcode images that can be downloaded as a PNG, PDF, or GIF file, or you can create a barcode sheet, allowing you to print more barcodes faster. 

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