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Rugged Tablets in the Cold

In winter or cold climates, ice and snow won’t be the only thing that may pose as a problem to your tablets. If you work out in the field, consumer grade technology, designed for stable and indoor climates, won’t last long in the frigid environment. The wrong equipment can lead to damaged or ruined hardware, lengthy downtime, increased total cost of ownership, and unproductive workers - ultimately resulting in lost potential revenue. That's where enterprise grade, rugged tablets come in.

Rugged tablets are designed to handle more drastic temperature swings than their consumer counterparts, allowing them to work in the cold environments most other tablets can't. MobileDemand has several rugged tablets that have certified operating temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C), while most consumer grade tablet's lowest operating temperature is only 32°F (0°C).

A tablet must be able to do more than power up in frigid environments. Where there’s cold, there’s usually snow, and where there’s snow there’s water. Many rugged tablets are IP65 sealed, which means they’re sealed against water and dust. So when the snow starts to fall and melt on your equipment, the water won’t damage your tablet.  

Additionally, if you plan on mounting your tablet to a vehicle like a snowmobile, skid loader, or tractor, it will be unlikely that a consumer tablet will be able to withstand the vibrations of these machines. Rugged tablets are put through strenuous testing and have various mounting solutions that make it easy to attach it to nearly any vehicle.  

Another important consideration is the touchscreen. When temperatures drop below freezing, nobody wants to remove their gloves to operate a touchscreen. With consumer technology, the only solution to this is a stylus, but with rugged tablets, many have touchscreens that function with gloves. With the ability to keep your gloves on while working, rugged tablets are an excellent tool to take out into the cold field. 

When you’re working in the cold, rugged tablets will be able to handle the temperature swings better than their consumer counterparts. The right devices for the environment will lead to increases in productivity and profitability and decreases in TCO and downtime. Interested in learning more about investing in a rugged tablet solution? Contact our sales team or call 319-363-4121 to learn more.

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