What are the Benefits of Mounting a Tablet to Your Forklift

What are the Benefits of Mounting a Tablet to Your Forklift

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Rugged tablets and forklifts work in tandem to elevate productivity. Sure, ruggedized laptops are useful in their own space, but they’re not really built for kind of punishment a forklift can dish out. Here are just a few advantages of this versatile, mountable solution.


Forklifts are in constant motion, so the need for a device to be able to travel wherever the machine does is essential. Tablets aren’t limited to just where the forklift can travel. With a simple flick of a lever or a latch, the tablet can be taken beyond the confines of the forklift to aid the worker in other ways.

If there are electronic forms that need to be signed, or if the inventory you need to document is in a place too small for the forklift to travel, a tablet can be removed and carried to wherever it needs to be. This is especially useful for warehouse managers who need a device that is as portable as they are versatile.


Any kind of rugged device will take up space on a forklift, but each device takes up different amounts of space. Rugged computers are sometimes used on forklifts, but they can be bulky and make it difficult to operate the forklift. A rugged tablet will take up less space on the forklift and make it easier to operate. Should it get in the way, it can easily be removed and replaced within seconds. Also, there are a variety of places it can be mounted, from the cage over a forklift to the floor with a swivel arm. This allows you to place the tablet in the least disruptive place possible.

Powered Dock

Regardless of what kind of device you use, you will need a dock to mount it to a forklift. There are a variety that work for tablets, with options for both powered and unpowered docks. A powered dock will ensure that you are able to use your device for as long as the forklift is running and beyond. With the right power converter, a tablet can be hardwired to any forklift whether it’s electric, propane, or diesel.


Add-ons will be necessary in order to get the most out of your rugged tablet. While it’s mounted to a forklift you can attached add-ons to your tablet through a cable, such as a USB port, or through Bluetooth if your tablet is equipped with it. These are the tools that will help your tablet go to the next level of productivity. Barcode scanners, scales, RFID scanners, keyboards, nearly anything can be added to help increase productivity.


With a built-in camera comes the ability to easily document anything. If products are damaged, or if a label needs to be sent to a manager, a photo can take a task that might have you running all over the warehouse and make it quick and easy.

Full Windows OS

It’s expected that rugged laptops have a full Windows Operating System, but many often think tablets can run only limited variations of this. Many rugged tablets run full Windows 10, allowing them to do anything a computer can. This can prove to be an extreme advantage. Any software that can be performed on Windows 10 will function on the tablet, with the added benefit of being able to use it on the go.

Adding the right tablet to your forklift could substantially increase your employees’ work capacity. It can keep them from having to run around the warehouse imputing data or tracking down inventory, yet it’s small enough not to get in the way of them performing their jobs efficiently.